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As part of our strategy to develop pupil voice, one of our initiatives this year is to provide a range of opportunities for volunteering both within the school and in the local community.


In the first focus meeting to discuss ideas, students raised issues such as:


  • Specific health, dietary and other needs of people of different lands- clean water project
  • Working with local elderly associations – inter-generational awareness
  • Provision of  food for homeless locally
  • Community gardening at Kilburn Park School  and  the particular needs of young people from their communities.


Listening to the children, these are volunteering pledges as we move into 2015

Pledge 1 - Our chosen charity for 2015 is Water Aid and we will organise a range of fundraising activities supporting this worthwhile charity.

Pledge 2 - We will work with the South Kilburn Trust on volunteering activities in the local community.

Pledge 3 - We will encourage children to participate in volunteering opportunities in school for the benefit of the whole school community.

Pledge 4 - We will begin the process of designing, seeking funding for, and building a community garden for the benefit of the school and local community.