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Home Learning

Hello year 5 , 


I hope you all are doing well and not driving your parents crazy. 


This week's maths will be a revision unit on Fractions and Decimals. There are slides to refresh on the method. You can choose your level of task and this can be completed on any paper at hand , or your home learning green book that you recieved on the last day. Use the anwers to reflect on how secure you are. 


Regarding English you do not have to print  any of these pages , you can draw your own frames  and be creative. There are revision cards if you get stuck and also some interactive resources linked.


Spelling is like usual , look up the meaning and write your sentences , remember I want golden sentences. Use your relative clauses , expanded nouns, conjunctions and adverbails

( remind yourself  again what adverbials are , looking at the English revision cards in Day 1 week 2 ).


Lastly, I have gone through all the Bug Club reading that most of you have done , and I am really pleased with the excellent comprehension you all are doing! I also added a few new books to each of your list. So feel free to choose a new one. 


If you can't access Bug Club , don't worry, just keep reading your home readers and completing your reading journal. You can also, when finished with your book, write a review, like we done in class. This can be done in a short few paragraphs on any paper at hand or in your reading journal in the comments section. Remember to add to your vocabulary list when you come across amazing words that  you want to add to your writing pieces. 


Stay stunning! 

Spelling -Week 2