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Home Learning

Welcome Back ! 


I hope you all are keeping safe and staying on track with your home learning. It's been a while and I do miss you all greatly. 


I know there is still a lot of uncertainty going around with the virus but I want you all to know that one thing is certain, that this will eventually pass and you will be able to see all your friends , family and teachers again. 


In the meantime there are some things I want you all to remember to do.( These are things I have to remember to do too! ) 


Keeping healthy at home - Making sure you eat healthy , drinking lots of water and doing active home activities. Another is limit your screen time. Don't stare at the screen for long hours at a time. Keeping a routine ,orginase your day. Make a little time table. 


Keeping safe online- Remember what you have learnt during online safety. 

If someone talks to you online that you don't know : ZIP IT , FLAG IT , BLOCK IT and make sure to always tell an adult. Never share your passwords. 


Lastly, read , write and solve. Make sure to practise your basics in learning. Do the online learning,so that you keep on track.

Some other activities for home :

Reading that favourite book and review it.

Become that time table champ by practising your times tables.

Drawing your very own art piece. 

Be an author and write your own short story.

You could also write diary enteries about your thoughts or feelings. 

I mean the list is endless and I am sure you have some other ideas or activities you might be doing already. 


When this is all over , and this will eventually be over and things will return slowly to a new normal, I would love you to share any of the things you have done at home. 


Please also remember, do what you can and if you have done your best then you have done more than enough. Each of you are unique and special , with huge potential and I believe in each and every one of you.


So stay positive. Stay stunning. 


Ms Engelbrecht and Ms Joanna