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School Council

At Kilburn Park School, we have a School Council to increase student voice: we always want to listen to what our children have to say.


What is a School Council?
A school council is a group of pupils who get together to represent all pupil’s views on school related issues.


What does Kilburn Park's School council council look like?
Kilburn Park School council consists of two students per year group, who get together to discuss affairs and to achieve change in school. School council meetings will be held once every fortnight.  


Congratulations to our elected school council representatives for 2021-2022.

Year 3: Amir and Aisha

Year 4: Ilyas and Nazreen

Year 5: Malak and Kaelan

Year 6: Ishwaq and Artis



Our school council has been divided into three committees: 

ECO committee - monitor energy usage, recycling

Student development committee - assemblies, rewards, extra curricular

Food committee - improving school meals, themed days, cook offs. 


The  school council members will decide on projects to undertake within these committees in the coming weeks. 


Suggestion box
Every classroom has been equipped with a school council ‘suggestion box’. All pupils are encouraged to write down any suggestions they may have and place it in their box. Suggestions are taken seriously and read and discussed during school council meetings.