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School Uniform

School uniform is not compulsory, however it is an expectation that children should attend school in our uniform. We are proud of our school and our pupils. School uniform helps to build a community identity. The uniform is high quality and reasonably priced and can be ordered from the Garbmann online school shop. 


Please click the link below to order:

All year round:

  • Maroon sweat shirts with the Kilburn Park logo
  • Grey or black trousers or skirts
  • White shirts, blouses or yellow collared T shirts with the Kilburn Park School logo
  • Plain black or white hijab
  • White, grey or black socks
  • Black shoes or black trainers

For summer (or children may choose to stay in the ‘all year round’ uniform above):

  • Yellow and white check or stripe summer dresses for girls or knee length short trousers. (Not shorts)
  • Black or grey short trousers for boys (not shorts)

For PE:

  • Sports clothing i.e. tracksuits, shorts, jogging bottoms, t-shirt, sweatshirt
  • Fashion items are not acceptable i.e. jeggings, jeans, trousers etc
  • Trainers or plimsolls

Lost Property:


If your child has lost a piece of clothing please feel free to ask the office to have a look in the Lost Property.