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SENCO:  Marina Shah -

Admission Arrangements 

No child will be refused admission to school on the basis of his or her special educational need, ethnicity or language need.  In line with the Equalities Act 2010, we will not discriminate against disabled children and we will take all reasonable steps to provide effective educational provision (see Admission policy for the school, as agreed with the Local Authority)  

Kilburn Park SEN Local Offer

The SEN Local Offer Document is intended to give you information regarding the ways in which we ensure we support all of our pupils including those with SEN and disabilities, in order that they can reach their full potential. It may not list every skill resource and technique we employ in order to achieve this as these are continually developed and used to modify our provision to meet the changing requirements for individual children.

Children are identified as having SEN when their progress has slowed or stopped and the interventions and resources put in place do not enable improvement. Once this occurs we have specific needs based plans and pupil profiles which help support their development and accelerate progress.

Children at Kilburn Park make very good progress and achieve better than other schools nationally with SEN.

Additional information on the local authority's Local Offer can be accessed using this link

The Brent Minimum Standards document is available here:


Brent Minimum Standards Document

Documents linked to SEN provision and the local offer