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Home School Agreement

Home School Agreement, as a pupil:

  • I will arrive at school every day at 8.30am ready for learning to start at 8.45am.
  • I will always work, think and behave in the best way I know how and I will do whatever it takes for my fellow pupils and myself to learn.
  • I will complete my homework and will regularly read my ‘Home Reader’.
  • I will raise my hand and ask questions in class if I do not understand something.
  • I will always be prepared to ‘take a risk’ with my learning.
  • I will always follow the schools behaviour rules.
  • I will always listen to my teacher and fellow classmates and show them respect.
  • I will always wear the correct school uniform.
  • I will come to school every day with the correct materials and books I need for success.
  • I am responsible for my own behaviour and take responsibility for my actions
  • I understand that I am part of a community and share the responsibility for making it a happy, safe and successful one.
  • I will respect my rights and those of my fellow pupils not to be disturbed when we are learning.
  • I will respect school equipment and resources

Home School Agreement, as parents:

  • We will make sure that our child arrives at Kilburn Park every day at 8.30am for learning to start at 8.45am.
  • We will always help our child in the best way we know how and we will do whatever it takes for him/her to learn. (This means that we will support and check homework every night.)
  • We will always make ourselves available to our children, the school and any concerns that they may have.
  • We will always notify the school of any absences or medical issues that our child may have and we will ensure
  • that our child attains the highest possible attendance each term.
  • We will ensure that our child wears the correct school uniform.
  • We understand that our child must follow the behaviour rules of Kilburn Park School so as to protect the safety,
  • interests and rights of all individuals in the classroom.
  • We will support the school in raising our children’s reading abilities through:
    • ensuring that our child reads regularly every night,
    • completing the daily reading record with our child,
    • ensuring no books are lost, and returning reading books in good condition.
  • We will support our child’s homework by helping them learn their multiplication tables and weekly spellings.

Home School Agreement, as a school:

  • We acknowledge that every child can achieve their full potential
  • We will acknowledge achievement and good behaviour by all pupils
  • We will always teach in the best way we know how and we will do whatever it takes for our pupils to learn.
  • We will make ourselves available at school to pupils, and parents and any concerns they might have.
  • We will always protect the safety, interests, and rights of all individuals in the classroom.
  • We will improve our pupils reading abilities through
    • Ensuring each child has the appropriate reading books and materials that will challenge and be of interest to them
    • Listening regularly to children read throughout the whole curriculum
    • Ensuring that reading books are changed regularly
    • We will provide weekly Maths homework and age-appropriate spellings to learn.
    • Providing a reading library that is well-stocked with good quality books, comics and reading material of interest to your child
  • We will ensure pupils understand what make a good citizen and the importance of the local community.