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Working Hard To Achieve

School Logo

The Kilburn Park School

Working Hard To Achieve


Our Visions and Values

‘Working Hard To Achieve Together’

Throughout their time at Kilburn Park School our pupils will have a wealth of experiences that will help shape their future academic achievement, pave the way to achieve their aspirations and lay the foundation for their lives. We celebrate, and are proud of, all pupils’ achievements both in and beyond the classroom.


 Our goals for our pupils include the following:


  • To achieve and exceed expected standards in English, Mathematics, Science and Computing and acquire a deep understanding of the relevant knowledge and skills.


  • To crave knowledge and be true lifelong independent learners.


  • To experience a range of artistic and athletic activities regularly.


  • To appreciate not only their own culture and heritage, but also to grow an appreciation for the cultural heritage of the many children living in the United Kingdom.


  • To aspire to improve themselves and understand the need to give back to the community they live in.


  • To embed inclusive specialist provision.


Our vision is to create an environment where every learner has the opportunity to amaze us.

Our unique focus on developing the skills of learning along with our creative, active and exciting curriculum enables all pupils to be challenged to achieve their best.

Our staff teams are totally committed to providing pupils with the very best education possible. The teams plan a wide variety of learning opportunities that broaden pupil’s experiences and enable them to develop new and exciting skills that round them as individuals.


Above all else, our goal is for pupils to be excited to take on the challenges that lie ahead because they feel prepared and capable.

Our School Values: