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Introducing miMove

miMove is a ground breaking app that allows schools and other organisations to support (young) people in making physical activity a normal and regular part o...

Inactivity is a major global issue.

The universal goal of physical education, youth sport and physical activity programmes is to support young people in gaining a physical activity habit. The benefits of physical activity are multiple and extend way beyond health.

However, there’s a major piece of the jigsaw missing…or there was until now, and that piece is information. Stakeholders including teachers, parents and coaches have very little information about how active their young people are. As such, they have little or no way of knowing whether each and every child is engaging with physical activity as a normal and wonderful part of everyday life.


miMove is that piece of the jigsaw.

miMove is an app that helps us at Kilburn Park School to support our children in developing activity as part of their lives. Children, young people (or their parents/carers) simply record their physical activity on their device. It takes a matter of seconds. Schools, clubs and other providers are able to see this data and communicate words of encouragement and support.

With this information, schools, clubs and physical activity providers can review the effectiveness of their work and parents can get a more accurate idea of their children’s activity levels. And, what’s more, we can talk to each other about how best to support children and young people.


Use the link below to help your child log in to their miMove account.