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Complaints Procedure

We believe that our school provides a good education for all our children, and that the Headteacher and other staff work very hard to build positive relationships with all parents and members of the local community. However, the school is obliged to have procedures in place in case there is a complaint. The following policy sets out the procedure that the school follows in such cases.

There are four stages available to persons seeking to address concerns or complaints relating to the school.

  1. In most cases the person should approach the member of staff concerned, to discuss the matter informally.
  2. If the person feels that the matter is not resolved or feels unable to discuss it with the staff member, s/he should then discuss it with the Headteacher or other designated senior teacher.
  3. If the matter remains unresolved, or if the complaint is about the Headteacher, the person should write to the Chair of governors care of the school, setting out the complaint and the attempts made to resolve it. The Chair will then investigate the matter and respond to the parent in writing.
  4. If the parent remains dissatisfied, s/he should write to the Chair or Clerk to the governing body requesting that a panel of governors is convened to hear the complaint. The panel will make a definitive and final response on behalf of the school that is binding upon the Chair of governors and Headteacher.